Perform for Bigger Crowds

Everything you need to get big, and to have fun while doing it.

Tools to simplify your journey

Massive Act connects musicians to brands, talent buyers, and the media with software that provides all the essentials needed to pursue a career in the live music industry.

Build your tech rider

Map your stage plot and specify your technical needs with our interactive technical rider. When you’re done, export and share with anyone.

Create your EPK

Create your comprehensive band profile and send it to industry professionals with our integrated Electronic Press Kit.

Connect with our network

A worldwide network for artists to connect with Festivals, Venues, Promoters, and Sponsors. Access our database of professionals, brands and media outlets.

We bridge the gap between those in the spotlight, and those who work behind the scenes.

– Artists –

Find crowds for your performance

Create your electronic press kit and connect with Venues & Festivals through our platform. Find real opportunities and apply to shows directly within our app.

– Sound Engineers –

Create your gig’s technical rider

A precise technical rider will help you to work on a professional level. Change your stage plot or input list any time with our interactive drag-and-drop builder, and easily export it when ready. Learn more »

– Venues & Festivals –

Book Artists For Your Shows

With our management tool for performance applications, you give artists the opportunity to play. Discover new talent and check out their EPKs & technical riders, then choose the one that fits in your shows.

Touring should be attainable for every artist. With our worldwide network of Festivals, Venues, Press and Sponsors, it is.

Join our network

  • Create your technical rider
  • Connect with venues and festivals
  • Share your calendar with team/members
  • Create press releases
  • Manage your finances
  • Manage logistics, line-ups, and more
  • Discover new talent
  • Easy to set-up app platform
  • Create press releases
  • Find sponsors
  • Create campaigns
  • Find content
  • Discover new talent
  • Connect with venues and festivals
  • Endorse artists and events
  • Get hired
  • Discover talent
  • Create profile
  • Create technical riders
  • Manage your band’s logistics

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