Tour management, simplified.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Create your comprehensive band profile and send it to industry professionals.

Band Profile

Songs & Videos


Fan Stats

Easy to set-up

Technical Rider

A precise technical rider will help you to work on a professional level. Change your stage plot or input list any time, and easily export it when ready.

Input List

Set your FOH console, gates, camps, effects, playback equipment including a number of mixes, any in-ear mixes, side fills, specific microphones required (or being carried) and number of wedges.

Stage Plot

Create the visual representation of how you stand on the stage.


Communicate all your needs to your client for a perfect show: Band supply, Venue supply, Equipment Sharing, Soundchecks, Miscellaneous

Hospitality Rider

Food & Beverages



Crew & Guest List

Manage your finances, plan tour logistics, and share your calendar with your team members.


Venues & Festivals

Connect with Venues & Festivals through our platform. Find real opportunities, with our Apply To Play feature. Plan tours, find venues and festivals by location, find shows, set logistics and start touring.


Invite local media to your concerts. Manage your release timeline and plan your PR campaigns in advance. Promote your songs, videos, gigs, and tours.


Connect with brands and find sponsorships and endorsements


Find your staff: managers, tour managers, stage managers, sound engineers, roadies, photographers, videographers, promoters, talent, buyers, record labels, styling staff, composers

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