There’s something magical about live music. From the moment you get to a venue, excited chatter all around, to the lights dimming and screams filling the room as the first note is struck, to finally having music brought to life on stage. Whether it be a weeping rock ballad you feel to the core, a pop song you can sing (or scream) along to, or an electrifying DJ set, live music has the ability to break you away from the real world for a bit and allow you to enjoy a single moment in time with others. There’s a connection that is made when you’re next to a stranger who is dancing or singing along to the same tune —in that moment, you’re the same. It becomes a community, and Massive Act aims to build upon that.

In 2015, live music ticket sales brought in $7.2 billion in revenue and is expected to increase with every coming year, according to Statista. In addition to ticket sales, live music sponsorships brought in $2.09 billion in revenue, making the live music industry a $9.29 billion industry. With the demand and payoff at an all-time high, live music poses a great opportunity for musicians and other industry professionals to pursue their dreams and make a profit.

The dream is to make live music easy and attainable for everyone, and our software does just that. Through our network of musicians and industry professionals, intuitive tools (manage logistics & build your tech rider), and revenue opportunities (booking, endorsements and sponsorships), Massive Act enables everyone in the live music industry to achieve their career goals and have fun doing it.

Our team is led by founder and CEO Carolina Castilla, who has extensive experience in artist management and development, event production, and much more. We are a diverse and international team who are passionate about live music and the opportunities it brings, both in connecting with others and making a living doing what you love.

We look forward to our journey as we develop our software and the opportunities for people working in the music industry, and we hope you join us along the way.

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